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Posted on 12/05/2017

Myth. On a popular TV dog rescue show, I was saddened to see a dog featured that was probably condemned from the outset to never successfully finding a stable and happy home (I hope I’m proven wrong) because of the way it was being represented to potential owners. The sad thing was that the person responsible for probable outcome genuinely wanted to find a loving home for an abandoned dog they obviously deeply cared for.  The problem was that this puppy was describe by the representative from the rescue organisation,  as 'needing an experienced home, as he is very active,...

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Improve your relationship with your dog.

Posted on 01/12/2016

I am often asked how long it takes to become confident and skilled in working with a dog, to gain its willing co-operation, and the answer is simple; in a heartbeat, provided your attitude is correct.  When we accept that ‘training’ a partner is not a beneficial mind set to carry into any worthwhile relationship, we have made the most important shift in thinking that we ever can, when it comes to our relationship with out dogs.  Any enforced behaviour will never continue beyond the existence of the force employed or the threat used. Every animal, including us, will do...

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Helping to Change Attitudes

Posted on 24/11/2016

I invite all responsible dog owners to become a member of what I call the “Canine Ambassadors Club” and help present dog owners in a more favourable light to those members of the population that don’t own, and may not even like, dogs. This will require nothing more than taking some of the more overt emotion out of dog ownership (keep that for home) and representing our canine friends in a positive, calm and honest way.  There will always be people who choose to argue with dog owners, whether this is from a genuine dislike of dogs or just that...

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The Saddest of Dogs

Posted on 04/11/2016
Filed under: Behavioural Issues

This was the way that a loving owner talked about her gorgeous 6 year old Labrador, who had become withdrawn and quiet since they had lost their senior dog, a year ago. The owner believed that her dog was so sad at not knowing where a friend had gone, so the family decided to bring a new puppy into the household, as company for everyone.  The problem is that the older dog has become more and more withdrawn and miserable. What this owner just could not understand was why, having been told that the older dog will gain a new...

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The "Terrible Twos"

Posted on 17/10/2016

I was asked how to work with a dog when it is going through the ‘terrible twos’, as one lady was having great difficulty with her two and half year-old crossbred dog, especially as it was extremely excitable. She was somewhat surprised when I told her that when a dog is the equivalent of our understanding of a two-year-old, it is actually only just six weeks of age (our time). The lady then asked if this meant that her dog was now a troublesome teenager, as the accepted seven years to one of ours, would make her dog about fourteen...

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