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Give it Time

Posted on 03/12/2013
Filed under: The Dog's View Rescue Dogs It's a Dog!

Have you ever made a change in your home such as the location of a well used item and found yourself going to the 'old' place over and over again? A classic example of my own experience here was when I decided to change where the kettle “lived”. After four days I was so fed up with reaching for it in the wrong place I almost gave up and put it back where it came from. It does take time to adapt to something unfamiliar and we should remember and allow for this when making fundamental changes to the lives...

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Recipe For Success

Posted on 25/11/2013
Filed under: Responsible Dog Ownership Common Sense

A few days ago I happened to see a chef on television taking us viewers through the ingredients for a dish that looked and sounded excellent, so with the aid of technology I rewound to the start of the section and took notes. Having actually seen how the dish turned out on TV, I was happy to follow the instructions to get a similar result for myself and was going to attempt it that evening. Later that day, while out with some of the dogs, I came across a lady from the nearby village who commented on how confident she...

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There is Always a Simple Solution

Posted on 19/11/2013
Filed under: Traditional Dog Training? It's a Dog! Common Sense Behavioural Issues

One of the greatest problems for dog owners is that of conflicting information on how to resolve undesirable behaviour, not to mention the unbelievable nature of some of the 'solutions' offered.  Happily this owner rang me for help and I advised him that when the dog began to make his 'move' on the guest, to simply remove the dog into a place of isolation, whilst remaining calm himself. This is invaluable for the dog as it provides a “time out”, enabling it to work out the consequence of its own action, which in this case, was the loss of the group...

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Another Awful Tragedy

Posted on 08/11/2013
Filed under: Dogs Biting Responsible Dog Ownership Common Sense

I must confess to be getting more than a little weary at receiving yet another phone call from local media, asking for my comments regarding a recent terrible tragedy involving a small child and a family pet. Another awful incident which once again not only highlights the complete ineffectiveness of the Dangerous Dogs Act in reducing the numbers of these incidents but also shows that legislators still refuse to learn from past mistakes when presenting new suggestions to address the problem.I can’t comment too much on the details of this particular case as the UK press have made such a...

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Ask Not What Your Dog Can Do For You...

Posted on 04/11/2013
Filed under: Responsible Dog Ownership It's a Dog! Common Sense

I was thinking over the Halloween period about things that really “scare” me, one of those things is when I hear people saying that they are getting a dog, following some worthy advice that this would help them in their efforts to get fitter and become more active. As if, magically, the dog will know what is expected of it and why you are taking it into your life. The truth is there is only one valid reason to get a dog and that is; to share your life with a loyal and loving animal who can make a wonderful...

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