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The Saddest of Dogs

Posted on 04/11/2016
Filed under: Behavioural Issues

This was the way that a loving owner talked about her gorgeous 6 year old Labrador, who had become withdrawn and quiet since they had lost their senior dog, a year ago. The owner believed that her dog was so sad at not knowing where a friend had gone, so the family decided to bring a new puppy into the household, as company for everyone.  The problem is that the older dog has become more and more withdrawn and miserable. What this owner just could not understand was why, having been told that the older dog will gain a new...

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The "Terrible Twos"

Posted on 17/10/2016

I was asked how to work with a dog when it is going through the ‘terrible twos’, as one lady was having great difficulty with her two and half year-old crossbred dog, especially as it was extremely excitable. She was somewhat surprised when I told her that when a dog is the equivalent of our understanding of a two-year-old, it is actually only just six weeks of age (our time). The lady then asked if this meant that her dog was now a troublesome teenager, as the accepted seven years to one of ours, would make her dog about fourteen...

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Posted on 29/09/2016

I, like many people, have looked at the work of those who seek to inspire us to achieve all that we can,  believe that we can make things happen and succeed, even in many areas that are out of our comfort zone or current experience. Many of these inspirational people encourage us to live in the 'now', rather than live in a way that means we do not appreciate the good things happening in our present, or that stifles our creativity because of fear of possible failure. Unfortunately, “living in the now” is extremely difficult for a human to do...

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The "Lone Wolf"

Posted on 22/09/2016

I am always saddened when people use a clichéd  expression to make their point,  when it is at the expense of an animal, especially when it colours the human understanding of that species in a detrimentally way and one such expression is that of the 'lone wolf' attack.  This expression always seems to be associated with a rogue being who is out to create some form of havoc, which is the absolute opposite of the truth of the “lone wolf” situation. For a member of the canine family to leave the pack and go it alone there is one essential...

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They just don't know we are only wanting to help.

Posted on 14/09/2016

Recently two of my dogs have suffered badly from “summer spaniel ears”, which is caused by the warmer, humid, weather and the lack of continuous air flow around and in the ears and that is despite their fur being always clipped away. Of course, this is our fault, as we have engineered dogs to our tastes. Nature would most certainly never create anything so impractical as, along with the ease of infection, there is also the risk of pain and damage if another dog were to attack, as the flapping leather is such an easy target. These infections did mean...

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