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We Don't All Want To Be Champions!

Posted on 28/07/2016

Last week a sporting achievement was celebrated when Chris Froome won the Tour de France- yet again. As if once was not amazing enough he just keeps doing this. So when I went into the barn and there I saw my own bike lent against the wall I just sighed and accept that it will probably be there for another year before it goes for an outing. I mention this because I really expect that there are quite a few other people in the same situation as me. Then again there are many people who enjoy regular riding for pleasure...

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Don't Buy Into Breed Stereotypes

Posted on 22/07/2016

A difficult thing to avoid doing, particularly when even some "experts" do it! I received a letter from a lady who wanted to share her experience when seeking help with a problem that she and her dog were having, that of him pulling on the lead, which she wanted to learn how to resolve kindly and permanently. This lady, having integrity and respect, informed those 'professionals' she sought help from that her dog was 'classed as a Pit Bull type and as such, under Breed Specific Legislation (BSL), he has been through a court process to be added to the...

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See Things From Your Dog's Point of view!

Posted on 16/07/2016

Last week Pru and I had to visit the vet surgery and as we waited for our appointment I noticed a lady was sitting nearby with a gorgeous Staffie. This dog was clearly distressed, looking around anxiously and whining. The lady reacted by pulling the dog's head towards her (with the aid of the head brace that the dog was wearing) but as hard as she tried to force the dog to look to her, the dog insisted on straining to watch what was going on all around it, in a place it was completely unfamiliar with. Within a few...

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Posted on 29/06/2016

I often hear owners say that their dogs are 'jealous' of other members of the family, whether that is other people, other dogs or even, the family cat, when that other being gets too close to the object of what appears to be the dog’s desire. This can sometimes be seen when a dog is on someone's lap and another being comes too close. For our dogs, the drive to stay prominent in the “pack” has its origin based on the instinct to survive, just as it is for humans; the drive to stay closer to someone who can keep...

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We've Lost Our "Bright Spark"

Posted on 13/06/2016

 Last night the “baby” of our family; Zoe, aged 9, died following a very sudden illness. She was a total delight to know and a privilege to live with.  Zoe was so full of energy and life, constantly whizzing around, with a tail that often threatened to fly off, that she wore us out just watching her. Where her energy came from I don’t know but that girl never stopped. Zoe was, without doubt, the healthiest dog of my group so her sudden illness took us all by surprise and it’s difficult to come to terms with how suddenly she...

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