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The Power of Words

Posted on 04/10/2017

It seems so incredible that only 7% of all human communication is actually verbal (language). We gain almost all of the valuable information that we need from another person from body language, yet the power of the words that we choose to use can never be underestimated. The effect that our choice of words has on how we approach any task will ultimately shape our thinking and subsequent actions. No more detrimentally than when we are working with other species. If a person thinks of dominating a dog, training a dog, showing a dog who is the boss (master), give...

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I Don't Have To Know How It Works To Use It!

Posted on 30/09/2017

When you switch on a television set do you ever consider that you should know how it works? Do you concern yourself with how the picture (signal) arrives in your sitting room, or are you like me and plug it in, aim the remote control and press the button to receive a programme, which is all I need to know and I have to say, is a great improvement on having to balance on the arm of a chair with the aerial held high to stop the 'snow storm' reception on the screen.  In exactly the same way, I have...

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The "Reel" Picture.

Posted on 23/08/2017
Filed under: Common Sense

I often hear people talk about dogs as if they are the one species on this entire planet that wants and needs to be active and stimulated constantly. In fact there are hundreds of books that purport to show you just how to go about doing that, in order to stop your dog going mad... The truth is that dogs want and need the same as every other living being on the planet; to do as little as necessary to survive, taking life as it comes and getting by in the societies that they find themselves living in, in the most stress...

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One of the Main Errors in Traditional Thinking

Posted on 31/07/2017

Whilst we are looking at traditional practices that often do more harm than good, we have to look at one of the main ones: ‘Socialisation’. Incredibly when the obvious difficulties arrive, for many dogs and owners, the advice is usually to do more socialising and this, in turn, creates more problems and the downward spiral begins. With the desperate owner feeling unjustifiably incompetent. The reason is that what has become the accepted meaning of ‘socialising’, is at fault, as the reality for all dogs, as with all social group species (us included) is that socialisation means that they learn how...

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Posted on 12/05/2017

Myth. On a popular TV dog rescue show, I was saddened to see a dog featured that was probably condemned from the outset to never successfully finding a stable and happy home (I hope I’m proven wrong) because of the way it was being represented to potential owners. The sad thing was that the person responsible for probable outcome genuinely wanted to find a loving home for an abandoned dog they obviously deeply cared for.  The problem was that this puppy was describe by the representative from the rescue organisation,  as 'needing an experienced home, as he is very active,...

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