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Amichien Bonding Course Dates 2020

Posted on 20/08/2019
Filed under: Courses

I am delighted to be able to now announce the schedule of course dates for 2020.

You can check out our Courses page  for full details but, to summarise, I will be holding Foundation Courses on the :

25th-26th January 2020 (Brigg)

11th -12th April 2020 (Brigg)

20th-21st June 2020 (Brigg)

24th-25th August 2020 (Belfast)

12th-13th October 2020

We will also hold Advanced Courses on:

13th-15th April 2020 (Brigg)

22nd-24th June 2020 (Brigg)

14th-16th October (Brigg)

There may be another course at some point, as demand seem to be very high, but that isn’t confirmed yet. However, if you can make any of the dates above, I would be delighted to meet you there.