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Rosies Trust

Posted on 05/09/2019
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Two years ago, when Bronagh O’Neill came from Northern Ireland to attend both the Foundation and Advanced courses, I was introduced to the Charity ‘Rosie’s Trust’ and, as its founder, Bronagh was rightfully proud of the 150 strong volunteer group that go into the homes of owners, who are restricted or unable to care for their pets, due to ill health.

This brilliant help makes it possible for people to keep their pets when otherwise they would probably have to give them up, help which in turn adds to their own wellbeing.

Since we first met our relationship has blossomed, as Bronagh is now a qualified Dog Listener and understands how important it is to establish a good relationship with the dogs that the volunteers care for before even taking them for a walk so she is now dedicated to ensuring that the whole team adopt ‘Amichien® Bonding’  (AB) as their method of choice. My first meeting with the supervising group was in February of this year, when we had a day together to look at how best to introduce the process to their great volunteers.

Along with the Trustees and Officers, Bronagh decided to hold a Foundation course for the volunteers, which I had the pleasure of teaching and the photo above shows us all together at the completion. I am so delighted that AB is being used in this way,  to see Rosie’s Trust embracing the method to ensure that they really are achieving what they want to do, which is to care for the dogs in such a way as to ensure their true welfare, not adding to their problems by just taking them for a walk without gaining their trust first.