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07-09-2010 COMING SOON

Posted on 01/08/2013

The method I discovered, Amichien® Bonding, was designed as a way of teaching us all how to live with our dogs in peace and harmony and to find how we could invite our dogs to behave in a way that is both appropriate and acceptable but also, safe in "our" world. However, understandably, many owners are primarily concerned with one particular problem area of their dog's behaviour that they wish to address. In response to the many requests, to me personally and also received by our office asking for advice on specific issues, I am producing a series of comprehensive packages which are tailored to help dog owners with certain problem areas, in detail.
The first of these packages, will cover the one problem I receive the most enquiries about ...Walking your dog!

When I think back to the days before I discovered the language of all dogs and I recall some of the many challenges that I experienced with my own dogs, from the frustration of having a dog that constantly pulled on the lead, no matter what I tried to do to correct it, to the distress and embarrassment of having a dog that could be aggressive towards people and other animals that we would meet when we were out and about. This was one of the many reasons that I determined to seek the truth, by discovering a method that made it possible for me to really overcome all behavioural problems, a method that was kind as well as effective.
I first had to accept that there can never be a lead, head-brace or harness capable of correcting any walk problem without inflicting either pain, fear, or confusion on a dog, which meant that I was finally liberated and able to look at the "walk" in a completely different and honest way.
I am so proud to present "THE COMPREHENSIVE WALK PACKAGE", making it possible for me to share so many of my findings, combined with the subtle alterations to the walk experience, starting with our thinking through to our practice, making success absolutely guaranteed, when followed through at our and our dog's own pace and as always, with my method, in the privacy of your own home.
I have made it possible for you to compile your own package to suit your individual needs and budget. Details of the full range of package options will follow very soon.