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The Wagging Tail

Posted on 02/06/2016

During one of our recent ‘Foundation Courses’ the question about the significance of a dog wagging its tail came up again, a signal which can often be misunderstood. The common mistake is assuming that the wagging tail is a sign of a friendly, happy mood, even an invitation to play, Knowing the truth; that a wagging tail is just an indication of  heightened excitement, will help owners avoid problems in trying to keep their dogs happy and safe when encountering other dogs.  Dogs have been seen wagging their tails just before they fight and in the same way a playing...

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Front Page!

Posted on 01/04/2016

Our Tasmanian based Dog Listener; Nan Tubb, has been at it again. Nan works very hard at promoting Amichien Bonding wherever and whenever she can and she was recently approached by "The Meander Valley Gazette", one of her local newspapers, asking her why she was about to visit Yellowstone Park (again) ,  something we try to arrange  annually with a group of our Dog Listeners. They wanted to know why she felt it was important to study wolves in their natural environment. Well, we already know why but it's always nice to be able to explain our reasons to people...

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Posted on 09/06/2015

If you need the assistance of a Jan Fennell Approved Dog Listener, just follow the link here "Search Dog Listeners" to find someone who can help you. Our Approved Dog Listeners do a wonderful job, making significant changes to the  lives of so many dogs and their owners. Every week we receive testimonials about these professionals from happy clients and here are two we received last weekend regarding two of our Dog Listeners; Carol McIntosh and Liz Gill.    “We found Carol (Mcintosh) to be extremely professional but not at the expense of being friendly and immediately felt relaxed with her. Since carol’s...

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Dog Listener News

Posted on 14/05/2015

This recent article appeared about our Australia, Victoria based Dog Listener; Heather Miller. Our Dog Listeners do far more than one-on-one consultations! es all she can for the benefit of dogs everywhere.Like most of our Dog Listeners, Heather is heavily involved in all areas of dog welfare and so does all she can to ensure the well being of our four legged friends, whever they may be. This isn't the preserve of just Jan Fennell Dog Listeners though, if anyone can contribute and help where they can, get stuck in!, Our dogs deserve all the help they can get See...

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Skulduggery is Everywhere

Posted on 20/03/2015

There is a picture of Frank Underwood here because the scheming and skulduggery that we enjoy (from the outside) in the "House of Cards" extends into every sphere of our lives, including the dog world. In my lifetime I have come to celebrate modern technology for so many reasons, from the remote control that means that I can remain seated and relaxed whilst changing channels, to the brilliant automatic washing machines that ensure that I, unlike my grandmothers, never have to dedicate a whole day to 'the laundry' but the convenience at the top of my list has to be...

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