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A Rescue Dog's Story

Posted on 21/10/2013
Filed under: Rescue Dogs Behavioural Issues

coco shona jakeWe thought we’d share this story with you as (with this one at least), we aren’t technically blowing our own trumpet; the Dog Listener involved was Susan Matcham, one of our group of very experienced and dedicated Dog Listeners who help us reach as many stressed dogs (and owners) as possible.

This article perfectly illustrates what we teach: it's the owners who need educating, not the dogs. Following Susan's visit, the owners were able to sucessfully employ AB and address all their issues, even though during Susan's visit, she never actually met the dog (to avoid any further stress to an already anxious dog)!

Sue with colliesThe attached article was originally for a rescue centre’s newsletter. A copy of it has been sent to us though, with permission to re-print.