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Living in More Enlightened Times?

Posted on 28/10/2014
Filed under: Traditional Dog Training? It's a Dog!

gun dog trainingNow and again I hear a story that makes me angry and sad at the same time and the experience of one of my recommended, experienced, and very respected Dog Listeners, is a case in point. 

She was asked to help with a comparatively young dog and happily went to the home of the family concerned. She shared her valuable information and left the happy owner and dog now on the right track. The owner wrote to us to let us know of her joy with the quality of my colleague’s professional help. 

This was many months ago but now the client is angry at my colleague, as the breeder of her young dog has told her that Amichien Bonding is dangerous rubbish and indeed, actually damaging to her particular breed of dog. Furthermore the breeder has said that this particular breed of dog does not respond well to praise or a reward based system and a completely different approach needs to be taken with them (I can only imagine what that would be!). I wonder what my late dear friend Paddy Petch would make of this statement, Paddy was a breeder of great renown, of some gorgeous examples of this breed, and was gentle and loving with her dogs, always using reward and praise - when they were due. 

I stand by my colleague, my work and our integrity and state that all dogs will respond to praise, rewards and kind teaching and I only hope that this particular owner begins to start thinking for herself and starts to see the obvious truth. 

It’s disheartening that even in 2014, we still regularly hear this type of archaic, breed  specific, training nonsense from people who should (and probably do) know better.

An illustration from an early gun dog training instruction book.

Thankfully, this sort of training is almost extinct!


Jan 28-10-14


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