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Posted on 17/02/2015

The foundation for all Amichien Bonding is “The4”. These four elements are the building blocks for successfully addressing behavioural issues with your dog and is probably the most important audio we provide.THE4

For March only, this audio is available at the reduced price of £5.99, saving £3 on the usual price.

If you are experiencing behavioural issues with your dog, by following the guidelines here, you will be well on your way to a resolution.

Much of the advice we give to owners dealing with specific behavioural problems assumes one basic fact; your dog has complete trust in you to make the decisions that influence its life!

Any advice or instruction given to you by any dog trainer, behaviourist, organisation etc is worthless without that trust. 
You may convince your dog to conform to your wishes to avoid correction or obtain a reward but you will not change its mind about why that undesirable behaviour was necessary in the first place. This audio explains the basic building blocks for building that trust and by employing the techniques outlined, you can convince your dog that you are actually up to the role of decision maker and it will hand over that role to you..of its own free will!