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My Thank-Yous To The People Who Helped Make A Success Of My Work

Posted on 01/08/2013

As I celebrate the 10th anniversary of my first International best- selling book "The Dog Listener", I want to take this golden opportunity to thank everyone who had played such an important part in the success of the method I was able to create, known as "Amichien® Bonding"

Firstly to Monty Roberts who showed that it was really possible to communicate successfully with another species. His fame as "The Man Who Listens to Horses" was earnt, not only for his studies of horses living free, in the deserts of Nevada, providing him with the deep understand of the language used by horses but primarily his skilfully development of a system that faithfully translates that knowledge into a procedure that could be used by almost all people, making it possible for us to understand horses and more importantly making it possible for horses to really understand humans, a system he named "Equus"

Naturally I knew that the language of the horse could never work for a dog, as the horse is a prey animal and a dog is a predator, which demand very different reactions to situations but the enlightened magic that I took from Monty was his desirable premise that to kindly shape desired behaviour and build the trust that is essential to any valued relationship, we have to eliminate all fear, pain and force from any interaction with the animal, which he did so brilliantly by replacing traditional coercion with the joy of inviting willing co-operation, thereby "allowing the horse to work for us because it wants to, not because it is made to", "working with the horse's nature", thereby makes it possible for the horse to choose us as the "Chairman of the meeting", or family (herd) leader.

I knew when I heard Monty refer to "Starting the baby", instead of "breaking the horse", when he first asks the young horse to accept a saddle, bridle and rider for the very first time, that his approach and attitude was what I had been waiting for. The simple reason being that this different way of thinking liberated me from the forceful dominating training that I had always believed essential when working with a dog. This complete turn- around in thinking made for rapid progress, as our frame of mind and intension brings us half way to our ultimate goal. Happy in the knowledge that, as long as I held true to this and studied the canine family, just as Monty had studied the equine family, combined with the highly influential similarity between horses and dogs both functioning in family groups, such as herds and packs, a further factor that tied in with our own tribal way of life, which I knew had to work to my advantage, so I had to find the hidden language of our dogs

What followed was hours, days, weeks and months of research, made possible by the dedicated wild life film makers and their telescopic cameras, which supply the plethora of wildlife documentaries available on TV and as always some were excellent whist others so inaccurate and misleading. Both proved invaluable to me as I began to reveal and understand the subtle and very effective way that dogs use signals, body language, intent, expressions, stance and presence to quietly exchange vital information and with this knowledge I was able to create a way to finally engage in silent "conversation" with my own dogs.

Respecting and appreciating the level of study that had gone into my success in recognising the 'anguage of the dog" making it possible for me to create a simple and very effective way for almost all people to communicate with any dog, just as he had with "Equus" Monty so graciously put his name to this book in the form of a very honest foreword, for which I thank him so sincerely.

10 years on this professional relationship has become a treasured friendship and just as I shared many of Monty's demonstrations when possible I was so delighted when, in 2006, at the Irvine College in Orange County California, where I had been invited to speak about my unique work, sitting in the front row of the audience was Monty accompanied by his wife, of over fifty years, Pat, their daughters Debbi and Lori, along with other members of the Roberts family, a family that have all become so special to me and who make my visits to their homes so fabulous. With a special place in my heart for Cody Pat's "blue heeler" and Shy Boy the "mustang that came home"

Presenting an approach that flies in the face of traditional thinking, so radically different to accepted practises will always create suspicion and confusion for some people, a further factor that Monty made me aware of and how right he was. I know that just as he had the support of Pat, their children along with their numerous friends, I too have been lucky enough to have family and friends that have helped me cope with whatever has come my way and again like Monty have been able to share the absolute delights of the continuing success of the work that I started over twenty years ago. A pleasure confirmed almost daily when people, who have found my work right for them and their dogs, contact me to let me know of their joy and success.

I wish to thank all who have put their trust in my method "Amichien® Bonding", which for most people has been by reading the books and privately creating the relationship with their dogs that they both deserve. I have had the pleasure of spending time with the thousands of people who have attended my presentations around the world and answering their questions is always such fun and joy for me. There have been hundreds of people who have attended my many various courses, worldwide, in their desire to learn more about the subject I have dedicated myself to and as with every area of such great interest there are the dedicated people who have continued with me, constantly improving their knowledge and skills by becoming my recommended Dog Listeners. People I respect and thank as they freely take part in my Quality Control system, thereby making it possible for me to ensure that the standard of professional behavioural advise, so important to me, is guaranteed to every dog owner putting their faith in my name, reputation and method, and those Dog Listenrs that I am able to professionally associate with can all be found on this website.

To my Team here at the office David and Tania, as they take care of every enquiry, phone call and query that come to us daily, with such grace and courtesy. To Tony, my son and colleague who is constantly working to make this work available to every dog carer who would like to know more about our work and who travels the world representing the entire Team and teaching many of the courses alongside myself. Also Ellie, my daughter, who leads the QC system, in her natural helpful, encouraging manner.

To Mary Pachnos, my literary Agent, who guided me through the maze that is the publishing world, her Team who are responsible for the numerous language translations of my books and to those who have worked with me at HarperCollins over the decade. With a special thanks to "Casper".

It is impossible for any one individual to make a real difference without the trust of others and I am so grateful to all who have made it possible for me to help dogs worldwide, by adopting my method "Amichien® Bonding" and for understanding that, like any language, it will always be appropriate and timeless Thank you and let us look forward to the decades to come.

Jan Fennell
September 2nd 2010