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Thanks To Everyone Involved in the last Amichien Bonding Courses.

Posted on 12/03/2015

jan on Foundation CourseOnce again I am happy to report two very successful Amichien Bonding courses which came to a close only yesterday. 

Thank you to Andrew Green at the Fenestra Conference Centre who (as always|) did a great job of hosting courses. Thank you also to all the office staff who organised the events in the first place and most of all, thank you to all those students who attended those courses. You were a joy to teach and that level of enthusiasm in the classroom always helps make my job easier and gives me plenty of energy to tap into (having said that, after five intensive days of teaching back- to-back courses, I still had a little trouble getting up this morning. I just hope I didn’t wear all of you out too much!). 

Teaching these courses is very rewarding for me because I know that everyone who attends will go home with a much more in-depth knowledge of Amichien Bonding, better enabling them to communicate more effectively with their dogs and thereby guarantee an improved  relationship. More importantly though; most people who attend an Advanced Course will go on to become Dog Listeners themselves and that can only be good news for all those dog owners out there who are desperately seeking solutions to canine behavioural issues.

I know that for every one student I teach, who then goes on to become a Dog Listener, I am, with their help, reaching hundreds more dog owners who may have previously never found solutions to their problems. That is good news for those owners and even better news for their DOGS!


Jan F

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