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Posted on 21/01/2015

We’ve had a great response to the next Jan Fennell  Amichien Bonding courses, this March, with one course full booked and only one place left on the other and that's still 6 weeks away!

The 2-day Foundation Course gives a fascinating and practical introduction to the world of Dog Listening. Students will learn what makes a dog tick, understand exactly why dogs do what they do and discover precisely how to successfully solve problems.

The purpose of the foundation course is to create a deep understanding of the domestic dog. By looking at the principles of shaping positive behaviour, we share the secrets of getting the animal to want to work for us of its own free will, not because it has to.

For anyone wishing to attend one of our Foundation Courses, to either gain a thorough and in depth knowledge of AB, to help them make the most of their relationship with their dog, or perhaps even as the first step to becoming a Dog Listener themselves, please click on the link below for more information or contact the office directly at