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Posted on 10/02/2014

Hi folks, a client of mine recently contacted me to ask if I could help their friends who had just had a baby. Their 8 year old dog had suddenly lost the plot and was getting aggressive to people who visited to see the newborn. The parents were very reluctant to give up the dog, but were worried that the dog would become aggressive with their baby. Naturally, I was able to assure them that they could solve this problem, but it is good to know why this has happened first.The arrival of a new baby can be the last straw...

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Keep off the Grass

Posted on 23/01/2014

Hi folks, and Happy New Year (it's January so it's still relevant!).At the beginning of the year, we decided to let everyone see the TV pilot promotion that I put together in Australia. The initial response has been very encouraging - in fact I have already had interest from a TV station Down Under so - fingers crossed - you should be seeing yours truly on a TV near you soon...!The section that has received the most interest is the "bad waiter" sketch. If you haven't already seen the clip, here is the link: As well as people finding it an entertaining and eye-opening...

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Posted on 27/11/2013
Filed under: Traditional Dog Training? Common Sense Behavioural Issues

Hi folks, this blog has been "inspired" by an recent enquiry from a poor (in more than one sense) dog owner whose pooch was suffering from Separation Anxiety. A so-called "dog trainer" convinced him that for only $2000 he would take the dog away to be "trained".   I do realise that I am using a lot of inverted commas in this blog...   Of course, the end result was that nothing had changed (apart from the bank balance of the owner). I have been asked on many occasions to do the same for other people, desperate and frustrated by...

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Posted on 21/11/2013
Filed under: Dogs Are Individuals

Hi folks, the above question seems a bit daft, doesn't it? Of course not all of them do. Neither do they all wear striped shirts, riding around on bicycles with onions around their neck. Also (believe it or not), not all English people own a bowler hat. I'll be telling you that not all Australians know how to throw a boomerang next and that there are actually quiet Americans...   Stereotypes are all too easy to create, often with very limited contact with a particular race. In fact, it doesn't take much effort to see the proof all around that stereotypes have...

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HIT AND RUN by Tony Knight

Posted on 13/11/2013
Filed under: Dogs Biting Behavioural Issues

 Hi folks, as a wise person once said, the Devil is in the detail. Sometimes what seems to be an imperceptible difference can have a dramatic effect. I have heard some people advise that if a dog is trying to get attention on their terms that the owners should turn their backs on them. This action can actually make things worse. Let me explain using a story about two kookaburras and a Willy Wagtail (for those of you who don't know to what I am referring, think of big kingfishers with an infectious laugh and a little black and white...

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