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There is no such thing as an intrinsically dangerous or problem dog

Posted on 22/10/2015
Filed under: Responsible Dog Ownership Common Sense

There are just dogs that have problems, created by the actions and behaviour of those who choose to have them, whether that is caused by the owner working with poor information and understanding of a dog or the actions of owners who deliberately forces their dog to behave in a naturally defensive way that is stressful for the dog.  Aggression is just one of many behaviours rightfully considered undesirable for a dog in our modern societies and for this reason recent proposed legislation by the UK Government is nothing more than yet another weak attempt to make a genuine and...

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Problems Experienced With 'Friendly' Dogs

Posted on 05/08/2015
Filed under: It's a Dog! Common Sense

I was contacted by a lady who was so distressed because her 'friendly' dog has been attacked many times by aggressive dogs and in her case these were usually smaller ones. She wanted my advice on how she could protect her dog in the future.  My only problem was how she would receive my recommendations, or would she want to shoot the messenger? No one wants to be told that their beliefs or thinking are incorrect but to deal with this it really is essential to look at the issue from both sides. Firstly the reality of life for a...

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Dog Training-Patience is a Virtue

Posted on 24/06/2015
Filed under: Common Sense

Just a couple of days ago I found myself watching spellbound as an adult Woodpecker was teaching its offspring to feed from one of the peanut containers that I have suspended from a tree in the garden. I had never seen two feeding together before but the lack of the bright red flashes on the cheeks and lower underside of the smaller bird made me realise it was young and what was happening. The parent bird passed a mouthful of food to the babe every thirty seconds or so, to encourage it to mimic the technique of food acquisition and...

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What AB has in common with an advert for toothpaste.

Posted on 27/05/2015
Filed under: Common Sense

There is an advertisement, currently being shown here in the UK, for toothpaste that controls the painful effects of sensitive teeth, the Dentist presenting this advert talks about the patients that he had advised to use this product, who come back to him saying that the sensitivity has returned. When he asks them if they are still using the product they reply 'No, because the problem went away when they first used it'. I had to smile as this is an experience that I and every one of my recommended Dog Listeners can identify with completely, when our clients contact...

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How Vulnerable Our Dogs Can Be

Posted on 03/12/2014
Filed under: Responsible Dog Ownership Common Sense Dogs Outside

As I approached the supermarket at 10.15 this morning I saw a man jerking a shopping trolley back and forth and at the same time yelling at the top of his voice.  My instincts told me to give this scene a very wide berth until I saw that the object of his anger was a terrified little dog tied to a metal post.  I ran over to the situation and quietly asked the man if the dog belonged to him, to which he gave a less than gracious reply but realising that the dog had no connection with this man...

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