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A Happy Easter For Our Dogs Too! by Jan Fennell

Posted on 16/04/2014
Filed under: Responsible Dog Ownership The Dog's View It's a Dog! Dogs Outside

With Easter, the season of the day trip and short breaks has arrived and last Sunday I went to a brilliant event, which had a large number of visitors enjoying all that was on offer. The weather was sunny with a slightly chilly wind and I noticed how many of the dogs that accompanied their participating owners just curled up on their blankets, ignoring the crowds and sleeping through.I was very happy to see that most of these dogs, for who this was part of their normal life, were mostly located beside the tents which in turn were behind demonstrations...

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BITING-Does it always have to be us that's in the wrong? by Jan Fennell

Posted on 11/04/2014
Filed under: Dogs Biting The Dog's View It's a Dog!

I have received some comments on my recent tweet, about dog bites being caused fundamentally by human error, which raised a couple of points I’d like to clear up here. The reason I wish to address these is that there are so many established misconceptions about certain types of dog behaviour, that many owners could be misdirected when searching for resolutions or worse still, persuaded to accept and put up with them. My arguments against traditional, long held, beliefs always, and always should, spark healthy debate I was asked (thank you Jeanine), What about a dog that bites purely out...

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Posted on 20/03/2014
Filed under: The Dog's View

I, like many people, have looked at the work of those who seek to inspire us to achieve all that we can, to believe that we can make things happen and succeed, even in many areas that are out of our comfort zone or current experience. Many of these inspirational people encourage us to live in the 'now', rather than live in a way that means we do not appreciate the good things happening in our present, or that stifles our creativity because of fear of possible failure. Unfortunately, “living in the now” is extremely difficult for a human to...

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Posted on 13/03/2014
Filed under: The Dog's View Rescue Dogs

With the thousands of tragic stories of dogs being abused, starved, beaten, and even tortured, what seems amazing is how they can come through all of this and still have the capacity to trust people again.One question I am often asked is how dogs can possibly be so forgiving when most people could never rebuild the loss of, what after all is the root of all good relationships; trust. The answer lays in the difference in the way that people see the loss of trust and what it means the eyes of all other species. When humans think of losing...

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‘You’re Fired’

Posted on 07/03/2014
Filed under: The Dog's View It's a Dog!

These have become very familiar words spoken regularly on TV, by an extremely successful businessman, here in Britain. Viewers are invited to watch a weekly selection process as he searches for his latest ‘apprentice’ to join one of his many businesses.  Each week, two teams compete in various commercial projects and from the losing team one candidate is selected to be fired. That selection is based purely on their performance and character (or lack of same) and although the businessman, Lord Alan Sugar, listens to his extremely trusted advisors, ultimately it’s entirely his decision and that decision is a professional...

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