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The Dog's View

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Give it Time

Posted on 03/12/2013
Filed under: The Dog's View Rescue Dogs It's a Dog!

Have you ever made a change in your home such as the location of a well used item and found yourself going to the 'old' place over and over again? A classic example of my own experience here was when I decided to change where the kettle “lived”. After four days I was so fed up with reaching for it in the wrong place I almost gave up and put it back where it came from. It does take time to adapt to something unfamiliar and we should remember and allow for this when making fundamental changes to the lives...

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All Predators Think Along Similar Lines-Really!

Posted on 25/09/2013
Filed under: The Dog's View It's a Dog! Common Sense

Have you ever had one of those situations where you look at a dog and it just starts barking at you, even though you have a welcoming, friendly smile on your face? The same dog seems to get in an even worse state as you approach it and all you want to do is pet it, right? What's going on then, doesn't it recognise that you're a warm, wonderful and lovely person? The fact is that trying to catch a dog's eye to initiate some kind of contact is just plain bad manners (to any predator) and us humans just...

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Learning From History

Posted on 23/08/2013
Filed under: The Dog's View It's a Dog!

One of my passions has always been history, I find it fascinating on so many levels but especially as it provides us with incredible understanding of how our predecessors succeeded and equally, what made them fail. We can learn so much and when it is presented as brilliantly as the recent dramatisation of the 'Wars of the Roses' with the television series 'The White Queen', we gain an insight into the reality for those we share our lives with as well.As I watch the interpretation of this period (which finally ended with the death of last of the Plantagenet Kings,...

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