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Brigg - Jan Fennell Advanced Course in Amichien® Bonding

Course Venue

Cob Cottage, Mill Lane

Course Date

Monday, July 29th, 2019 - Wednesday, July 31st, 2019

Course Description


This  Advanced Amichien® Bonding Course is better understood if the delegate has first taken the 2 day Foundation Course and becomes essential if the delegate wishes to be considered for a career as a Jan Fennell International Dog Listener.

The careful design of this course makes it possible for the delegate to progress naturally and with empathy to an in depth understanding of ‘Amichien® Bonding’ and its application with common behavioural problems.

We also look at the difficulties experienced by dog carers, from breaking with old thinking to actually working with their dogs in a confident manner and to achieve this we will also look at human psychology.

For those delegates considering a career in Dog Listening there will be a written examination at the end of the course. The exam will be based entirely on the information contained in the recommended reading of ‘The Dog Listener’ (or the watching of the DVD of that title), combined with the information provided in both the two and three day courses. As our organisation works to a high ‘Quality Control’ system it is essential, for the success of both the organisation and the candidate that we ascertain the level of an individual’s basic understanding of the process ‘Amichien® Bonding’ and questions will be marked and scored accordingly.

Success at this stage will result in an invitation from this organisation to take part in the ‘Graduate’ stage of the process of becoming a ‘Jan Fennell International Dog Listener’, which will result in access to the entire Dog Listening Team, which provides all members with on-going support, learning, referrals and a place on the role of JFIDL’s worldwide.


To book: you can either, send us an email with "Advanced Course" and the date you're interested in to: info@janfennellthedoglistener.com  and we'll send you a booking form with more details, or you can pay the deposit now and secure your place on the course by using the "Book Online" button opposite. We will then send you a pre course booklet with all the information you'll need!

The total cost for the three days is £749.00 and a deposit of £200.00 will secure your spot.

Course led by Jan Fennell

Course information

Total Cost of Course: £749.00 GBP (£200 GBP as deposit)

Book Online

09.45am-Arrival, registration & coffee
10.00am-Welcome, introductions & background to Amichien Bonding (AB) 
11.15am-Canines in nature & correlation to domestic dogs
14.00pm-Canines in nature & correlation to domestic dogs (cont.)
15.15pm-AB-The Importance of food
.00pm-Reflections on the day

09.45am-Arrival, coffee, reflections on previous day
10.00am-AB-The Hunt
11.15am-AB Perceived Danger
14.00pm-AB Status
15.15pm-Common Problems (Group Workshop)