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Mervi Kärki

Mervi Kärki is Sweden's most senior Dog Listener and is a very valued member of the organisation. Mervi hosts all of the Jan Fennell Foundation and Advanced Courses in Sweden.

Since becoming a Dog Listener 6 years ago, Mervi has worked extremely hard to promote Amichien® Bonding in Sweden and nothing seems to be too much trouble for her in her desire to improve the life of the dogs living there.

In her own words; “I was trained by Jan Fennell and her son, Tony Knight back in 2006 after desperately searching for information to help me with my own dog, Kenzo. Kenzo came to me as a young dog of 11months and displayed many behavioral problems which made it difficult for me to handle him. I had passed one traditional ’dog training’ course after another and had also been in touch with several dog psychologists in an effort to solve our problems. Eventually I came across a copy of one of Jan’s books and from that day my relationship with Kenzo changed for the better. From that early success I was determined to learn as much about Amichien® Bonding as I could and now, years later, have the privilege of teaching this amazing, natural method of canine communication.”

As well as working as a Dog Listener, Mervi is also one of only a handful of Dog Listeners, worldwide, who are authorised by Jan Fennel to teach her courses and also runs a successful pet supplies shop in Stockholm called Hundinspiration. (Which doesn’t require much translating, we think!)

Mervi can be contacted at mervi@hundinspiration.se  for consultations, advice, or to book courses and has her own website, http://www.hundinspiration.se/