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Our Quality Assurance Programme


Dog Listeners who appear on this website are recommended by Jan Fennell as they are taking part in the strict Quality Assurance control system that safeguards both you and your dog(s). It enables our Dog Listeners to offer exceptional, on-going assistance to everyone who puts their trust in them. 


QA angel dog logoWe have seen, as we’re sure you have, many Dog Training groups and associations throughout the world who recommend their “behaviourist” or “trainer” members to dog owners  who are experiencing difficulties with their pets.  


Quite often the organisation concerned hasn’t even met the people on their recommended lists and membership to the group is maintained simply by the submission of annual fees.  


We believed that simply wasn’t good enough and decided to implement our Quality Assurance system to ensure that every member of our organisation delivers service for their clients to the very high standards we expect. To that end; each of our Dog Listeners is personally trained by us and once qualified, their work is continually monitored, by us, to ensure that the same quality of service is maintained.   


Anyone not taking part in our Quality Assurance programme will not be approved by, or recommended by, us and only those taking part in this programme may use the Jan Fennell QA logo.  


To our knowledge no other group, anywhere, operates this system, or even anything similar, for the benefit of dog owners and we are proud to be leading the way.