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Dog Aggression eBook

In response to the many requests received by us daily asking for advice on specific issues, we are producing a new series of eBooks, tailored to help dog owners address the most common problem areas, in detail. The first of these eBooks covers one of the three problems we receive the most enquiries about ...Aggression in your dog! Many owners know the frustration of having a dog that can be aggressive towards people and other animals, making every excursion outside of the house a stressful and unpleasant exercise. Whether that's aggression towards people (including children), other dogs or related to food Amichien Bonding has made it possible to address the problem in a calm way without the use of force, pain, fear, or confusion to a dog. "THE AGGRESSION eBOOK", makes it possible for us to share our findings, combined with subtle alterations to deal with aggressive behaviour. This eBook covers the theory behind aggression, and steps to take to alleviate the problem, making success absolutely guaranteed when followed through at the owner's and the dog's own pace and, as always with my method, in your own home. Treating a specific problem in isolation can mask a symptom but will not fundamentally change your dog's mind about why it needed to behave in a certain manner in the first place. Unfortunately, this means it's all too easy for problems to recur so, to assist as much as we can, we are also including an audio track which outlines "THE FOUR". This audio track explains the key areas which form the foundation of Amichien Bonding and will help to change your dog's mind about it's position in the pack and the role it's expected to take. Addressing these key areas, in conjunction with the information contained in the eBook, will maximise your chances of success.

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