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Dogs in Apartments-eBook

While it's great to be able to work and play with our dogs outside in our gardens and yards, not everyone has that luxury and the practicalities of modern city life dictate that many of us choose to live in apartments. Does living in an apartment mean that you should not have a dog? Of course not- there is no reason that you should lose out on that particular pleasure- but there are some specific problems encountered when considering having a dog or trying to resolve behavioural issues with a dog you already have.

This eBook debunks a lot of the myths surrounding living in an apartment with a dog and will help you understand the best way to deal with, and work around, the restrictions and limitations you will encounter.

Included with this eBook is the audio version of "The Four", outlining the foundations of Amichien Bonding, how to understand what makes dogs "tick", communicate with them in a way they will understand and how to apply Amichien Bonding with your dog to help you have the best, trouble free, relationship possible.

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