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Excessive Barking-eBook

IN the built up, population dense manner we live today, both us and our dogs are often subjected to nerve jangling stress levels that can result in (and from) excessive barking. The early warning system that was for us, one of the main attractions of this relationship has become a nuisance or even a nightmare for many in today’s environment.
To a large extent, this extremely important and very efficient early warning system is almost redundant; unfortunately, no one has been able to impart this information to the dog!
When coping with a dog that barks for long periods of time, especially if neighbours are complaining, some owners will attempt to adopt useless, pointless and even cruel methods to try and quieten their dogs-There is no need.
In this eBook we explain the two main reasons it happens and how to remove the underlying causes by convincing your dog that it is no longer necessary; giving you both a far less stressful relationship.

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