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Rescue Dogs-eBook

Why are Rescue Dogs Different?

The simple fact is, they aren’t but they are certainly perceived to be and have an underserved reputation because of that perception. This is primarily because they arrive in any new home in a completely confused state and may behave strangely, unsure of their place or what is expected of them, initially. The good news is that they will respond to being given the right information in exactly the same way as any other dog.
The information here dispels the myths surrounding an animal from rescue, myths that stop many of these wonderful, loving dogs from ever finding a home.
There is absolutely no reason to avoid rescue animals and using the techniques described on the accompanying audio and understanding the four key areas of communication with your dog, will enable you to work with any dog, irrespective of its background, and bring a stress free, happy life to both you and the dog you have chosen.

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