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Separation Anxiety eBook

Separation Anxiety may be the most misinterpreted form of undesirable canine behaviour out there. Many of us are familiar with a lot of the manifestations of separation anxiety;

-Chewed clothes -Destroyed furniture -Toileting in the house. -Constant whining or barking.

And for those owners who are currently experiencing any of the above, their relationship with their dog (and sometimes their neighbours) can be strained to breaking point. In this new eBook Jan explains the real root cause of these symptoms, saving you from going down the usual blind alleys, explains exactly why your dog is distressed (and it's probably not what you think) and what you can do about it. Understanding the cause makes it much easier to treat the specific problem, particularly as Jan has included a free audio which outlines all of the four key areas of Amichien Bonding. The information in the audio will not only give you the tools necessary to deal with Separation Anxiety but, when properly employed, will also help to eliminate many other forms of undesirable behaviour that can wreck your relationship with your dog.

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