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The Walk DVD

For every person that thoroughly enjoys taking their dog for a walk there is another owner who would love to experience the same pleasure but instead, encounters major problems when walking their dog. For this reason we are proud to offer this comprehensive DVD dedicated to the subject of getting the most out of taking your dog for a "walk."

As always, we are able to explain the "walk" through the eyes of all dogs and how, by working with the nature of your dog, using its intelligence and instincts along with only positive reward techniques, you too can make this special time the joy it should be. The theory and explanations are complimented by practical demonstrations of every stage from teaching your dog to walk with you to successful recall at a distance.

This production is accompanied by many supplementary examples of skills and subtle ways of increasing the way to become “Happy and in Control” when you are away from home.

Unlike for "The Dog Listener" DVD, we haven't used a production company this time but produced this 70 minute DVD "in house" to be able to offer it at the right price. 

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