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How To Stop Dog Bites To Children

Posted on 23/02/2023

As most of us know, the vast majority of dog bites on humans could be eliminated by employing one simple rule; don’t approach a dog you don’t know! Simple isn’t it? However, one of the most vulnerable groups in our societies aren’t aware of this and as a consequence suffer the most from a lack of knowledge; our children. To help to educate kids at an early age, before anything unfortunate happens, Lisa Magna published a leaflet, back in 2016,  to be handed out at schools local to her by the teachers there.  Now this is a really simple idea...

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JAN FENNELL Foundation Courses in AMICHIEN BONDING, 2023

Posted on 17/02/2023
Filed under: Behavioural Issues How Your Dog Thinks

I am delighted to announce some new 2023 dates for my Foundation Course in Amichien Bonding. I will be holding courses on 1st-2nd May 2023 and 3rd-4th July 2023. My Foundation Course is for everyone that experiences behavioural issues with their dogs but who cannot understand why those issues are happening. I will show you how the world is perceived by your dog and why traditional methods of “Dog Training” just do not make any sense to your dog. My courses are "live" and held in a classroom environment with me, via Zoom. For the last 30 years, have helped...

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How Vulnerable Our Dogs Can Be

Posted on 16/01/2023
Filed under: Common Sense Behavioural Issues Dogs Outside

    As I approached the supermarket at 10.15 in the morning I saw a man jerking a shopping trolley back and forth and, at the same time, yelling at the top of his voice.      My instincts told me to give this scene a very wide berth until I saw that the object of his anger was a terrified little dog tied to a metal post.  I ran over to the situation and quietly asked the man if the dog belonged to him, to which he gave a less than gracious reply but realising that the dog had no...

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New Year, Same Rules

Posted on 03/01/2023
Filed under: Behavioural Issues

  I wish all of our followers a very Happy new Year, for both you and your dogs! Indeed, it is a new year but there are somethings that do not, and should not, change from year to year, one of them is following patterns of behaviour that are for the benefit of all of us. With our dogs, all non-medical behavioural problems are only natural behaviours that have become exaggerated because of the way that dogs perceive their role within the family (pack). Therefore, to attempt to address any single example of undesirable behaviour (symptom), in isolation, is futile....

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I Don't Have To Know How It Works To Use It!

Posted on 01/12/2022
Filed under: Common Sense Behavioural Issues

When you switch on a television set do you ever consider that you should know how it works? Do you concern yourself with how the picture (signal) arrives in your sitting room, or are you like me and plug it in, aim the remote control and press the button to receive a programme, which is all I need to know and I have to say, is a great improvement on having to balance on the arm of a chair with the aerial held high to stop the 'snow storm' reception on the screen.  In exactly the same way, I have...

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