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Humans Are Not The Only Intelligent Species

Posted on 29/07/2020
Filed under: Dogs & Other Animals Common Sense

Every day we are bombarded with the idea that humans are the most amazing and effective animal on the planet; an animal that is able to quickly  adapt to developing situations, device solutions to problems and overcome our reliance on our instincts. The problem is that we hear subtle allusions to these ideas all of the time and we are in danger of actually believing it. Yesterday evening I heard a television presenter ask a group of dog agility enthusiasts ‘So how do you get them to do it, with a biscuit?’, laughing as he said it, because , as...

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How long should we ignore a dog?

Posted on 13/07/2020

One question that has come up a few times in the last few days is how long we should ignore our dogs when they are behaving in an undesirable way, as people seem to be looking for an exact period of time, which is not possible, as each dog is individual and will be effected by how long this behaviour has gone on. This is where people may struggle to resist the human instinct to speak to the dog in an attempt to ‘speed’ the process but if we do speak we actually slow it right down and can even...

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The Real Cause of Undesirable Behaviour

Posted on 07/07/2020

All non-medical behavioural problems are only natural behaviours that have become exaggerated because of the way that dogs perceive their role within the family (pack). Therefore, to attempt to address any single example of undesirable behaviour (symptom), in isolation, is futile and sadly usually creates more problems in the process, as the cause of the symptom is ignored. Unfortunately, this targeting the symptom seems to be the case with all traditional approaches to working with dogs. If we take a typical issue such as a dog that barks excessively when a stranger appears, traditionally people are told to ‘tell’ their...

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Pack Mentality

Posted on 03/04/2020
Filed under: Common Sense

Anyone can steer a ship, but we need someone to know where we are going. Yesterday evening I saw many of my neighbours, for the first time in over a year of being here. We were smiling, clapping, waving with some cheering blowing horns and there were a few saucepans and wooden spoons in evidence. Something that I never thought that I would see and as this virus goes on each week this will happen to thank those who are working to keep us safe, healthy and informed. Also, others who are doing jobs that we are unable to do, such...

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Rosies Trust

Posted on 05/09/2019
Filed under: Courses

Two years ago, when Bronagh O’Neill came from Northern Ireland to attend both the Foundation and Advanced courses, I was introduced to the Charity ‘Rosie’s Trust’ and, as its founder, Bronagh was rightfully proud of the 150 strong volunteer group that go into the homes of owners, who are restricted or unable to care for their pets, due to ill health. This brilliant help makes it possible for people to keep their pets when otherwise they would probably have to give them up, help which in turn adds to their own wellbeing. Since we first met our relationship has blossomed,...

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