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Follow up to “WHY IS NO ONE LISTENING?” by Jan Fennell

Posted on 04/03/2014
Filed under: Dogs Biting Responsible Dog Ownership It's a Dog!

newspaper in binFollowing my message of February 12th, which so many of you naturally agreed with, I would like to put my current thoughts on record.

I began that piece by saying that I am always guaranteed to be contacted by radio stations whenever there is a tragedy involving dogs and people, especially babies or children. However, with another terrible event coming so quickly after the one I referred to, I am more concerned that, on this occasion, I had no calls from the stations and noticed that even as a news item on television and radio it was scheduled last ,or in some cases not at all. Does this mean that when it is a rare event, it’s newsworthy but when it occurs so frequently it’s no longer news and worthy of no more than a shoulder shrug? Do we now accept that, as with so many experiences in life, this is to become just an unavoidable part of life with a dog,  as 'normal' as a dog jumping up at people, pulling on the lead, attacking livestock, barking excessively?

I sincerely hope not or, just as with all undesirable behaviours, that can so easily be resolved by simply adopting my method AB, most dog owners will just resign themselves to accept what they believe to be hopeless and inevitable.

Jan F