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Goodbye Kes

Posted on 19/07/2014
Filed under: Dogs & Other Animals

Tony Kes and Pru

That's our Kes on the left

We recently lost one of best loved dogs.
Kes finally succumbed after 14 years of a joyful existence .

Kes was one of Tony’s dogs and the oldest of his “pack” and his placid, stoic character will be so sorely missed. 

Kes taught Tony so much about the dog's point of view and his loss is devestating for both Tony and Jan.

Kes spent a lot of time at JF headquarters (Pond Farm) and was such a wonderful companion to the rest of the crew, his calming influence on the rest of the amichien "pack" was very influencial and his absence is going to make a huge difference and will leave a huge hole in all of our lives.

Goodbye Kes xx