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Posted on 09/06/2015

If you need the assistance of a Jan Fennell Approved Dog Listener, just follow the link here "Search Dog Listeners" to find someone who can help you.

Our Approved Dog Listeners do a wonderful job, making significant changes to the  lives of so many dogs and their owners.

Every week we receive testimonials about these professionals from happy clients and here are two we received last weekend regarding two of our Dog Listeners; Carol McIntosh and Liz Gill. 


Carol McIntosh“We found Carol (Mcintosh) to be extremely professional but not at the expense of being friendly and immediately felt relaxed with her.

Since carol’s visit the stress and anxiety levels in the house have substantially decreased and although we know it’s going to be a challenge, with Carol’s knowledge and back up we’re confident we’ll get there.

We have no hesitation in recommending Carol or the Amichien Bonding method to anyone!” – LJB




After months of increasingly stressful behavioural issues with an adopted greyhound, Evie, this owner spoke to her vet who suggested contacting Dog Listener Liz Gill. 

Liz Gill“We spent Saturday afternoon with Liz. What she showed us made us realise that we had previously made things a lot worse for Evie (simply by not understanding the situation and how to respond). Saturday evening was a radical change from our normally “stressed out” evening. We saw a change in Evie instantly. Not to say we didn’t see the old Evie now and again over the next few days but we are still in the first week of our lifestyle change.

We cannot thank Liz enough. We can now see a real way forward, rather than just trying to treat the symptoms, we understand where we went wrong and what to do for Evie from now on. We know we have Liz’s support as we move on which is very reassuring.

It’s still early days for us but we’re all in a much better place. To think we could have carried on as we were is unthinkable.” L E



If you need the assistance of a Dog Listener just follow the link here "Search Dog Listeners" to find someone who can help.