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Behavioural Issues

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Posted on 01/09/2014
Filed under: Behavioural Issues How Your Dog Thinks

For the month of September only, we are taking 30% off the price of our “The Walk” DVD For the month of September only, we are taking 30% off the usual price of our “The Walk” DVD This is one of the two areas of dog behaviour we get the most enquiries about and the most requests for help with. It would be impossible to personally respond to everyone that asks us about problems with walking their dog and that’s why this DVD was produced, to reach anyone that needs assistance. The information on this DVD is designed to assist...

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Simple Really is Best

Posted on 28/08/2014
Filed under: Dog Training Gadgets Common Sense Behavioural Issues

The mantra that 'Simple is best' really is the truth when we are working with our dogs, despite the misleading array of complicated theories and the myriad gadgets promising to stop your dog from displaying undesirable behaviour. Typical of these are the items that are designed to physically prevent a dog from pulling on their lead. Many owners are familiar with the cost of these, not only to their pocket but also the stress level placed on themselves and their poor dogs and what makes this even more distressing is that the simple rule of not moving while a dog...

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Posted on 11/07/2014
Filed under: Dogs & Other Animals Behavioural Issues

Walking along the lane today with Shamook and Kamatz, I was reminded of just how close these two dogs are and always have been, for over ten years now, and how they have shown their care for one another in many different ways during that time. When they were puppies they were drawn to my beautiful Sadie, as she resembled their mum and luckily for us all, Sadie had always been a brilliant aunt and substitute parent, so these two were no problem for her. From the very beginning they developed a particular style of playing together which, as they...

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You are not alone!

Posted on 13/06/2014
Filed under: Traditional Dog Training? Behavioural Issues

One of the most common experiences of many loving dog owners is the feeling that it’s only them and their dog that have problems, that feeling is often accompanied by guilt  when some 'expert' in the park or on their street, tells them that they are not “training” their dog correctly. Unfortunately most of those “experts” have no idea what they are talking about and just because they happen to be lucky with the character and temperament of their own dogs, assume it's because they are doing everything correctly.   If your dog displays some undesirable behaviour, it is indeed possible...

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Teaching Your Dog to Walk by Your Side

Posted on 04/06/2014
Filed under: The Dog's View Behavioural Issues Dogs Outside

STOP, START, CHANGE DIRECTION I have recently received some questions from dog owners regarding SSCD and, reading between the lines, there seems to be a growing impression that SSCD will cure all pulling on the lead and teach your dog to walk, relaxed at your side. SSCD is indeed an element we use in our work but to say that (used in isolation) it will be a miracle cure, is an oversimplification. However, as people do seem to have gained that impression and through the wonders of the interweb I’m now seeing other “dog trainers” peddling it as an instant...

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