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Behavioural Issues

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Do We Need to be Slaves to the "Walk"

Posted on 28/10/2013
Filed under: Common Sense Behavioural Issues Dogs Outside

We tend to repeat ourselves about the "Guilt Fairy" that rears her (none-too-attractive) head whenever the subject of taking our dogs for a walk comes up. Why do dog owners feel that they are obliged to take their dogs out religiously no matter what the circumstances, or the weather? We are always being told that failure to take our dogs out and give them the exercise they "cannot live without" makes us the most irresponsible of owners. Shame on us! Well, bearing in mind that taking our dogs out for a walk is a mid 20th century concept, we have...

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A Rescue Dog's Story

Posted on 21/10/2013
Filed under: Rescue Dogs Behavioural Issues

We thought we’d share this story with you as (with this one at least), we aren’t technically blowing our own trumpet; the Dog Listener involved was Susan Matcham, one of our group of very experienced and dedicated Dog Listeners who help us reach as many stressed dogs (and owners) as possible. This article perfectly illustrates what we teach: it's the owners who need educating, not the dogs. Following Susan's visit, the owners were able to sucessfully employ AB and address all their issues, even though during Susan's visit, she never actually met the dog (to avoid any further stress to an already...

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Enthusiastic or Just Plain Rude?

Posted on 18/10/2013
Filed under: It's a Dog! Common Sense Behavioural Issues

I often hear owners explain their dog's impatient behaviour as being nothing more than "enthusiasm", so let us look honestly at the difference. A few months ago I was on a plane that had been delayed in taking off, resulting in some concern for a connecting flight home.  As we began our approach I asked the steward about my onward flight and was informed that it could be a problem for me as I had to hurry to get right across to the other side of one of the largest airports in the US (O'Hare).Knowing that there was little I could...

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Separation Anxiety-Gesture Leaving

Posted on 17/10/2013
Filed under: Behavioural Issues

One of the most common problems that dog owners face is Separation Anxiety. Whether their dogs bark or howl all day, pee and poop in "strategic positions" or rip up the house, the stress that this creates is nothing compared to the stress that the poor dogs are going through. There is an awful lot of advice and gadgetry that claims to solve this problem, but the key component missing from the vast majority is the understanding of WHY this happens in the first place. Here are the facts:Dogs know that the leader is responsible for the safety of the pack. If they believe that...

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