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Humans Are Not The Only Intelligent Species

Posted on 29/07/2020
Filed under: Dogs & Other Animals Common Sense

Every day we are bombarded with the idea that humans are the most amazing and effective animal on the planet; an animal that is able to quickly  adapt to developing situations, device solutions to problems and overcome our reliance on our instincts. The problem is that we hear subtle allusions to these ideas all of the time and we are in danger of actually believing it. Yesterday evening I heard a television presenter ask a group of dog agility enthusiasts ‘So how do you get them to do it, with a biscuit?’, laughing as he said it, because , as...

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Pack Mentality

Posted on 03/04/2020
Filed under: Common Sense

Anyone can steer a ship, but we need someone to know where we are going. Yesterday evening I saw many of my neighbours, for the first time in over a year of being here. We were smiling, clapping, waving with some cheering blowing horns and there were a few saucepans and wooden spoons in evidence. Something that I never thought that I would see and as this virus goes on each week this will happen to thank those who are working to keep us safe, healthy and informed. Also, others who are doing jobs that we are unable to do, such...

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The "Reel" Picture.

Posted on 23/08/2017
Filed under: Common Sense

I often hear people talk about dogs as if they are the one species on this entire planet that wants and needs to be active and stimulated constantly. In fact there are hundreds of books that purport to show you just how to go about doing that, in order to stop your dog going mad... The truth is that dogs want and need the same as every other living being on the planet; to do as little as necessary to survive, taking life as it comes and getting by in the societies that they find themselves living in, in the most stress...

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There is no such thing as an intrinsically dangerous or problem dog

Posted on 22/10/2015
Filed under: Responsible Dog Ownership Common Sense

There are just dogs that have problems, created by the actions and behaviour of those who choose to have them, whether that is caused by the owner working with poor information and understanding of a dog or the actions of owners who deliberately forces their dog to behave in a naturally defensive way that is stressful for the dog.  Aggression is just one of many behaviours rightfully considered undesirable for a dog in our modern societies and for this reason recent proposed legislation by the UK Government is nothing more than yet another weak attempt to make a genuine and...

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Problems Experienced With 'Friendly' Dogs

Posted on 05/08/2015
Filed under: It's a Dog! Common Sense

I was contacted by a lady who was so distressed because her 'friendly' dog has been attacked many times by aggressive dogs and in her case these were usually smaller ones. She wanted my advice on how she could protect her dog in the future.  My only problem was how she would receive my recommendations, or would she want to shoot the messenger? No one wants to be told that their beliefs or thinking are incorrect but to deal with this it really is essential to look at the issue from both sides. Firstly the reality of life for a...

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