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Dogs Biting

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Another Myth Dispelled

Posted on 01/05/2015
Filed under: Dogs Biting Dogs Outside

I recently heard on the news of another person being bitten by a dog when they had offered their hand in 'friendship', which is something that 'traditionally' people are advised to do when meeting a dog for the first time.  The belief is that by offering their hand, the advancing stranger is letting the dog become familiar with their smell. This misconception just means we impose unnecessary stress on the dog concerned and potentially serious doubts for its future if, in its nervous state, it adversely reacts to the unwelcome approach. The traditional belief that offering an outstretched hand allows...

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Help Stop Dog Bites On Children

Posted on 31/07/2014
Filed under: Dogs Biting Common Sense

As most of us know, the vast majority of dog bites on humans could be eliminated by employing one simple rule; don’t approach a dog you don’t know! Simple isn’t it? However, one of the most vulnerable groups in our societies aren’t aware of this and as a consequence suffer the most from a lack of knowledge; our children. To help to educate kids at an early age, before anything unfortunate happens, our Approved Dog Listener, Lisa Magna, has published a leaflet that is to be handed out at schools local to her by the teachers there.  Now this is...

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BITING-Does it always have to be us that's in the wrong? by Jan Fennell

Posted on 11/04/2014
Filed under: Dogs Biting The Dog's View It's a Dog!

I have received some comments on my recent tweet, about dog bites being caused fundamentally by human error, which raised a couple of points I’d like to clear up here. The reason I wish to address these is that there are so many established misconceptions about certain types of dog behaviour, that many owners could be misdirected when searching for resolutions or worse still, persuaded to accept and put up with them. My arguments against traditional, long held, beliefs always, and always should, spark healthy debate I was asked (thank you Jeanine), What about a dog that bites purely out...

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Follow up to “WHY IS NO ONE LISTENING?” by Jan Fennell

Posted on 04/03/2014
Filed under: Dogs Biting Responsible Dog Ownership It's a Dog!

Following my message of February 12th, which so many of you naturally agreed with, I would like to put my current thoughts on record. I began that piece by saying that I am always guaranteed to be contacted by radio stations whenever there is a tragedy involving dogs and people, especially babies or children. However, with another terrible event coming so quickly after the one I referred to, I am more concerned that, on this occasion, I had no calls from the stations and noticed that even as a news item on television and radio it was scheduled last ,or...

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Will No One Ever Listen?

Posted on 12/02/2014
Filed under: Dogs Biting Responsible Dog Ownership It's a Dog! Common Sense Behavioural Issues

I’ve just finished another radio interview about dogs and children, in the wake of another tragedy involving a baby, something of a coincidence following, as it does, Tony’s recent blog about dogs and children.I have the press contact me every single time there is a dog “attack”, involving human injury, for an expert view and it is so very frustrating and exasperating to keep repeating the same thing over and over, when no one is taking any notice.I am angry that I’ve been trotted out again to say the same things and I’m so angry that another child has lost...

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