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Dogs Biting

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Reprogramming Negative Conditioning- by Jan Fennell

Posted on 07/01/2014
Filed under: Dogs Biting It's a Dog! Behavioural Issues

There is little doubt that most people would love nothing more than to have every experience in their life be a happy and positive one but this would actually leave us all extremely vulnerable as we all learn just as much from negative experiences and they are an invaluable tool; they teach us the sort of situations it would be in our best interests to avoid in future. From the child discovering that putting their hand near to fire is something to be avoided, to a learner driver mastering the ability to react by applying the brakes quickly if someone...

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Why Your Visitors Could Receive an Unexpected Nip- Jan Fennell

Posted on 18/12/2013
Filed under: Dogs Biting The Dog's View It's a Dog!

One of the many distressing experiences for dog owners is when their loving pet snaps at, or nips, visiting relatives or friends. With the Christmas celebrations almost here and the extended round of visiting that accompanies the festivities, I feel this is the right time to discuss this, as there is usually a great deal of confusion and embarrassment for the owner when it happens, especially when their  dog is 'normally' loving, loyal and kind.Even the visitor who has been nipped will feel extremely sad and uncomfortable for the owners, as again great affection is held between all involved, they...

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HIT AND RUN by Tony Knight

Posted on 13/11/2013
Filed under: Dogs Biting Behavioural Issues

 Hi folks, as a wise person once said, the Devil is in the detail. Sometimes what seems to be an imperceptible difference can have a dramatic effect. I have heard some people advise that if a dog is trying to get attention on their terms that the owners should turn their backs on them. This action can actually make things worse. Let me explain using a story about two kookaburras and a Willy Wagtail (for those of you who don't know to what I am referring, think of big kingfishers with an infectious laugh and a little black and white...

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Another Awful Tragedy

Posted on 08/11/2013
Filed under: Dogs Biting Responsible Dog Ownership Common Sense

I must confess to be getting more than a little weary at receiving yet another phone call from local media, asking for my comments regarding a recent terrible tragedy involving a small child and a family pet. Another awful incident which once again not only highlights the complete ineffectiveness of the Dangerous Dogs Act in reducing the numbers of these incidents but also shows that legislators still refuse to learn from past mistakes when presenting new suggestions to address the problem.I can’t comment too much on the details of this particular case as the UK press have made such a...

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