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Rescue Dogs

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Posted on 02/10/2014
Filed under: Rescue Dogs

So often, people who would make wonderful owners, shy away from taking a dog from rescue, for fear of inheriting a mountain of behavioural problems that the dog may bring with them.  Firstly I would like to say that almost all dogs in rescue are the innocent victims of human error or failure, in one way or another, and therefore are in need of a real friend and guide.  When people think of dogs in rescue they usually worry about the reasons that the dog is in care in the first place. This is something we can never know because...

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Getting started with 'Amichien Bonding'

Posted on 01/07/2014
Filed under: Rescue Dogs How Your Dog Thinks

I am often asked the best way to start to adopt AB and what to expect from your dog when you do. As both of these are perfectly good questions I would like to firstly assure anyone thinking about it that once you do you will never look back and neither will your dog(s). As with everything that we do it is much easier to start as you mean to go and working with AB is exactly the same. So if you are getting a puppy, you are working with a relatively blank sheet and by making the house rules...

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Posted on 16/04/2014
Filed under: Rescue Dogs

If you are considering giving a home to one of these loving and loyal animals, then please visit a rescue centre near you. Some centres may not appear exactly "state of the art" but if they ask you all the right questions, to make sure you are suitable for the dog, rather than the other way round, and insist on home visit, you've gone to the right place and you will find the teams there dedicated and caring. Taking in a rescue dog is an area where, traditionally, most people predict difficulties, when the truth is that this usually proves...

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Posted on 13/03/2014
Filed under: The Dog's View Rescue Dogs

With the thousands of tragic stories of dogs being abused, starved, beaten, and even tortured, what seems amazing is how they can come through all of this and still have the capacity to trust people again.One question I am often asked is how dogs can possibly be so forgiving when most people could never rebuild the loss of, what after all is the root of all good relationships; trust. The answer lays in the difference in the way that people see the loss of trust and what it means the eyes of all other species. When humans think of losing...

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A Little Respect Please! - by Jan Fennell

Posted on 16/01/2014
Filed under: Responsible Dog Ownership Rescue Dogs It's a Dog!

Earlier this week a television presenter was at an animal shelter featuring dogs that were proving difficult to re-home and, along with a member of the 'trained' staff, drew the viewers attention to a lovely staffie cross bitch who was being hand fed by the member of staff. I say being hand fed, which is actually incorrect; the dog was being prevented from actually getting the food as it was being tightly held by the 'trained' staff member.The dog was clearly focused on the food when the presenter walked behind the dog, knelt down and with an emphasised word placed...

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