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Responsible Dog Ownership

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There is no such thing as an intrinsically dangerous or problem dog

Posted on 22/10/2015
Filed under: Responsible Dog Ownership Common Sense

There are just dogs that have problems, created by the actions and behaviour of those who choose to have them, whether that is caused by the owner working with poor information and understanding of a dog or the actions of owners who deliberately forces their dog to behave in a naturally defensive way that is stressful for the dog.  Aggression is just one of many behaviours rightfully considered undesirable for a dog in our modern societies and for this reason recent proposed legislation by the UK Government is nothing more than yet another weak attempt to make a genuine and...

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Posted on 18/03/2015
Filed under: Responsible Dog Ownership

The increasing practise by responsible owners of clearing up after their dogs is impressive, along with the thoughtful placement of appropriate disposal containers provided by so many Councils, something that stems from and increased understanding and respect for the rights of others, but what I would like to know is if anyone could please let me know if the magic ‘Pooh’ fairy is active and working in your area?  I know that there must be one because it seems so many people rely on her and before anyone says that there is no such thing as a fairy, my ‘God...

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Posted on 19/01/2015
Filed under: Responsible Dog Ownership Dogs Outside

The other morning I was returning home from a lovely walk with my dogs. Zac had the blackest of noses from sticking it down every hole he could find and Pru was all pottered out but as we approached the sharp bend in the lane that leads to our home, I saw two loose dogs come rushing towards us and my heart sank. Fortunately they stopped in their tracks when the realised that we were there, choosing instead to furiously bark and leap about, which naturally forced Shamook, Zac and Rio to give voice too. I thanked them just as...

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Perfect Recall Anyone? by Jan Fennell

Posted on 11/12/2014
Filed under: Responsible Dog Ownership Dogs & Other Animals Dogs Outside

Over the years I have seen that so many owners fail to help their dogs as they themselves are focusing on the wrong issue. A typical example of this is when a gentleman contacted me to ask why I didn't hold socialisation classes, as he believed that if he took his dog to such classes then it would resolve the problem he has, which is that his dog does not pay attention to him when they are out for a walk but how can such classes resolve that?  There was also the post on facebook from a lady who considered...

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How Vulnerable Our Dogs Can Be

Posted on 03/12/2014
Filed under: Responsible Dog Ownership Common Sense Dogs Outside

As I approached the supermarket at 10.15 this morning I saw a man jerking a shopping trolley back and forth and at the same time yelling at the top of his voice.  My instincts told me to give this scene a very wide berth until I saw that the object of his anger was a terrified little dog tied to a metal post.  I ran over to the situation and quietly asked the man if the dog belonged to him, to which he gave a less than gracious reply but realising that the dog had no connection with this man...

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