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Traditional Dog Training?

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Why teach (train) a dog to 'sit'?

Posted on 23/07/2015
Filed under: Traditional Dog Training?

One of the most common commands taught to a dog during 'basic training' is to 'sit' when told  to, often with some difficulty, but why?  There seems to be little understanding of what is being asked of a dog but above all; what real purpose does it serve? It is completely appropriate that a dog taught to respond to a particular sound or upon having detected a specific smell, as an indication to the owner/handler that there is something that needs attention. Whether that is letting a person with gearing problems know that the telephone is ringing or in the...

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Living in More Enlightened Times?

Posted on 28/10/2014
Filed under: Traditional Dog Training? It's a Dog!

Now and again I hear a story that makes me angry and sad at the same time and the experience of one of my recommended, experienced, and very respected Dog Listeners, is a case in point.  She was asked to help with a comparatively young dog and happily went to the home of the family concerned. She shared her valuable information and left the happy owner and dog now on the right track. The owner wrote to us to let us know of her joy with the quality of my colleague’s professional help.  This was many months ago but now the...

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Some Thoughts on "Dog Training" From Swedish Dog Listener-Mervi Kärki

Posted on 17/10/2014
Filed under: Traditional Dog Training? The Dog's View How Your Dog Thinks

I held a Foundation Course in Sweden a couple of weeks ago  and I just have to share with you some of my thoughts.  There are so many ways to “train” your dog and there will probably always be so many dog owners are confused about what is the right thing to do so they can give their dog the best life they possibly can.  It is so important to see the difference between communication and “training”; Amichien® Bonding enables people to fully understand their dogs and by understanding, communicate effectively, for the first time.  Many dog owners that I meet...

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You are not alone!

Posted on 13/06/2014
Filed under: Traditional Dog Training? Behavioural Issues

One of the most common experiences of many loving dog owners is the feeling that it’s only them and their dog that have problems, that feeling is often accompanied by guilt  when some 'expert' in the park or on their street, tells them that they are not “training” their dog correctly. Unfortunately most of those “experts” have no idea what they are talking about and just because they happen to be lucky with the character and temperament of their own dogs, assume it's because they are doing everything correctly.   If your dog displays some undesirable behaviour, it is indeed possible...

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So What's Wrong With Harnesses Then?

Posted on 10/06/2014
Filed under: Traditional Dog Training? Dog Training Gadgets Dogs Outside

We recently posted a facetious "Pop Quiz" featuring  some items we hinted were, in our opinion,  useless or surplus to requirement and we showed three examples. Of course there are many more but we picked these three for a reason; they each represented a certain type of product. A) Devices that many people use for completely the wrong purpose. B) Devices that seem as though they may actually work because the premise behind them is sound. C) Devices that most people, even if they don’t agree with their use, believe are actually effective. There are many dog trainers and owners...

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