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Boston - Jan Fennell OnLine Foundation Course in Amichien Bonding

Course Venue


Course Date

Monday, May 1st, 2023 - Tuesday, May 2nd, 2023

Course Description

This 2-day Foundation Course, delivered online,  gives a fascinating and practical introduction to the world of Dog Listening. Students will learn what makes a dog tick, understand exactly why dogs do what they do and discover precisely how to successfully solve canine problems.

The purpose of the Foundation Course is to create a deep understanding of the dog. By looking at the principles of shaping positive behaviour, we share the secrets of getting the animal to want to work for us of its own free will, not because it has to.

We examine the psychology, behaviour patterns, instincts and values of the domestic dog. We show how, with this understanding, we are able to change undesirable behaviour the kind way. There will be comprehensive analysis of the core method that is Amichien® Bonding: with examples of common problems and in-depth discussions on kind correction, examination of situations, behaviours and correction of undesirable behaviour.

This course is highly beneficial, not only to those who experience problems with their dogs, but for ALL dog owners and people who work with dogs. On the completion of the course trainees will receive a certificate, and above all the ability to appreciate 'man’s best friend' in an entirely different light. 

The Book entitled "The Dog Listener" by Jan Fennell is recommended reading before booking a course.

To book a place on a Foundation course, simply send us an email inserting 'Foundation Course Booking'  and your choice of dates and we'll send you a booking form with  more details by return. mailto:info@janfennellthedoglistener.com 

Total Two Day Course price only  £495.00 with a deposit of £200.00 payable at time of booking.

Course led by Jan Fennell

Course information

Total Cost of Course: £495.00 GBP (£200 GBP as deposit)

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09.45am-Arrival, registration & coffee
10.00am-Welcome, introductions & background to Amichien Bonding (AB) 
11.15am-Canines in nature & correlation to domestic dogs
14.00pm-Canines in nature & correlation to domestic dogs (cont.)
15.15pm-AB-The Importance of food
.00pm-Reflections on the day

09.45am-Arrival, coffee, reflections on previous day
10.00am-AB-The Hunt
11.15am-AB Perceived Danger
14.00pm-AB Status
15.15pm-Common Problems (Group Workshop)