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More about Jan Fennell

Jan Fennell is the international best selling author of “The Dog Listener” and her method; “Amichien® Bonding” is used by tens of thousands of dog owners worldwide. The success of her method has resulted in six books being translated into 27 languages and published in 34 countries! 

Jan has had two national television series in the UK and Australia, television appearances in the UK, New Zealand, the USA, Poland and Australia, countless radio appearances in many more countries and has given talks and seminars in twenty six countries- to date. 

Jan was originally inspired by renowned horseman, Monty Roberts and set out to find a way to transfer his philosophy of working without force, aids or gadgets to working with dogs. The goal was to get dogs to cooperate of their own free will by using a language they could actually, clearly, understand and not by enforced dominance. 

Jan couldn’t possibly reach as many dog owners as she would like, by herself, and so today, Jan spends most of her time holding educational Courses in Amichien® Bonding, teaching others how to help dog owners with canine behavioural issues. This way she can assist as many dogs (and their owners) as possible. So far, these courses have been held in the UK, the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Finland, Sweden, Norway, The Netherlands, Italy and France, enabling her to build an international group of trained Dog Listeners assisting owners and their dogs to get the peaceful, contented relationship they deserve. 


A Word From Jan

"The absolute joy that dogs have brought into my life, from a very early age, made me wonder if it were possible to repay this gift in any way.

Like a lot of dog owners, I was less than happy with traditional training of dogs, which involve jerking, pushing and punishment but knew of no other method. There was also the widespread acceptance of the notion that to successfully work with a dog demanded a knack or special gift, a belief that prevents many loving owners from ever succeeding.

Also, like most people, I knew that dogs had an excellent communication system of their own but as a human, with a completely different method of communication, failed to see how I could bridge the gap and make real “contact”. Then in 1989 a good friend, Wendy Broughton, introduced me to the work of the acclaimed horseman Monty Roberts, and I saw, for the first time, how it was possible to not only learn the communication system or language of another species but more importantly, find a way of responding in an acceptable, kind way to that animal and thereby open true conversation, with the emphasis on working with the true nature of the animal, gaining its trust and willingness to co-operate, of its own free will.

This gift of understanding means that we are all now able to quickly identify, understand and consequently, resolve all type of undesirable behaviour. We can do this (no matter what the breed or age of dog) without the use of force, fear, frustration or gadgets, and it can be achieved by anyone who chooses to adopt my method 'Amichien® Bonding'.

There is only one thing better than finding something so special and that is being able to share it, which I have been able to do through the books, DVD's and courses for many years now and how wonderful it is to have a team of highly qualified colleagues, worldwide, passing on this information in such a way that empowers all dog owners.

I wish you joy on your journey of understanding and promise that you can do this too."


Jan Fennell