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Dog Listener Down Under

Dog Whisperer a Howling SuccessNan Tubbs Tasmania Dog Listener Article

By Alex Bruce

Nan Tubb can talk to dogs. And she’s making a living out of it!

Mrs. Tubb is part of a growing global network of animal behaviourists who are helping pet owners communicate with their dogs to iron out undesirable habits. 

The Mole Creek woman is one of two Tasmanian and over a hundred worldwide, who are recognised dog listeners with the exclusive Jan Fennell program.

Mrs. Tubb hosts private consultations with dog of all sizes ages and breed. But she said the focus is mainly on the owner.” She said.“It’s not obedience school. It’s about teaching people the skills to understand their animal’s mind.”

Mrs. Tubb’s Dog Comm Canine Communication business operates on the ideal that dogs fit the social model of the pack-an ordered hierarchy with a clearly defined leader.

“Normally when people welcome a dog into their family, they treat them like a human” she said. “But you wouldn’t walk up to someone an unexpectedly ruffle their hair, would you.”

“Well it’s the same for dogs-they need to be invited into your space.”

The former vet nurse said dog listening had been proven to alleviate even the worst issues in animals. The program involves using body language, eye contact and strict discipline.

“It doesn’t mean you cannot cuddle or pat your dog,” she said. “You’ve just got to do it the right way.”