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How can I get help with my dog?


Firstly, you may like buy, or even try to borrow, a copy of The Dog Listener. For many owners the information contained there is more than enough.


You can also get a one-2-one consultation with one of our Dog Listeners, who will certainly be able to help you with any behavioural issues you may have. To find one near to you, or arrange a virtual consultation then please go to our Dog Listener page (link).



Is it really possible to see improvements in a dog's behaviour in a couple of hours?

Yes it really is possible and on many occasions within a couple of minutes, however, this is largely down to the individual dog and how quickly they get the message!

Can anyone achieve this with their own dog(s)?

Yes, guaranteed, as long as the person uses AB correctly.

What is the difference between AB and traditional dog training and behaviourism? 

AB is based on working with the full co-operation of the dog, in a natural and positive way. Allowing the dog to make the right decisions, for itself and bringing about the desired behaviour we want. AB also works on changing undesirable behaviour by focusing our attention on the cause of the problem rather than the symptom.

A good example of this is Separation Anxiety, which is traditionally dealt with by attempts to distract the dog whilst the owner is away with toys, music, food etc. but this is only attempting to treat the symptoms. If a dog is confused about its role and what is expected of it, it will need to find those it believes it is responsible for (the family) it will naturally bark (call) and become agitated. Depending on the level of distress it feels, this can lead to the dog destroying items even furniture in the home and no amount of  distraction can ever resolve this issue. 

With AB we directly focus on the cause of the problem which is based the position of the dog within the family group and by adopting the whole method are able to relieve the dog of an unnecessary sense of responsibility thereby removing its concern and resolving the problem completely.


Is Amichien Bonding complicated and time consuming? 

AB is very simple to do and becomes a new and very natural habit for both the owner and the dog within a couple of weeks, thereafter requiring no conscience effort, just continued use.


Can the dog ever be harmed by AB? 

No dog can be harmed in any way by adopting the method of AB as it does not involve gadgets, force, pain, punishment or enforced dominance. Only positive learning!


Can I find all that I need in the book 'The Dog Listener”? 

This will depend on what you are actually wanting to achieve personally. If you want to understand the basics of an ideal way to understand your dog and more importantly for your dog to understand you, then the book or DVD 'The Dog Listener' is the perfect starting point for you. 

However, as so often happens there may be a very specific issue that you, as an owner, has with their dog and to assist the book/DVD there are specialised ebooks. 

For those who really would like to know more and add to their skills the Online Workshop has been carefully designed to take your knowledge to the next natural level. With this workshop you will come to know not only why your dog does what it has to do but how to calmly reshape any undesirable behaviour into appropriate behaviour, using its in built instincts. 

For those who wish to understand not only their dogs but also all dogs better, the two day Foundation Course provides this information and has the advantage of being taught by one of our highly experienced, trained Dog Listeners, who will be able to answer your questions during the programme. 

For those who want to be able to help other dog owners by forging a career as a qualified Dog Listener there is the Advanced Course.


Is it really possible for any owner to fully understand the way that their dog thinks? 

While it is impossible for any person to fully understand another species, AB provides us with the best possible understanding resulting from the extensive studies and observations into the instincts of all dogs.

For the first time we are able to respect and appreciate why a dog reacts and behaves in a certain way to every situation and experience and this method provides us with the knowledge on how to help the dog to cope in our modern societies.


Is it really possible to learn, in just five days of intensive training (Foundation and Advanced Courses) how to help other people, who are having difficulties with their dogs.

With AB it is completely possible for you to learn how to help both a dog(s) and the owners in the privacy of their own home. Canine language is not overly complicated but with traditional training, humans have elected to make it appear so, giving the dog (human) qualities and characteristics it simply does not have. These endless, differing theories, developed relatively recently have led so many owners down so many completely blind alleys (and many of these ridiculous theories have been around long enough that they have now become accepted practice) that ultimately the dog, and its relationship with us, suffers.


What’s the difference between a Dog Listener, Dog Trainer, Dog Whisperer, Dog Psychologist, Dog Behaviourist etc?   

A.  Dog Listening is radically different to all other methods of working with dogs. We do not try to alter a dog’s nature or ignore its instincts but teach people how to communicate with their dogs by understanding their needs and values. This makes it possible for the dog to relax and co-operate of its own free will, not because it is forced to do so.   

Is this method for dogs with problems only?

A. As ‘Amichien® Bonding’ is the communication system of all dogs, when Owners/Carers adopt the method with their dogs it will always work on a healthy dog. No matter what breed, age or wherever the dog lives.

If you are starting life with a puppy or a dog from a rescue organisation it is ideal to introduce the method immediately, as giving the dog clear information and boundaries at the beginning of your relationship is the way to avoid problems in the future by building the sound foundations.

If you have a dog that presents no problems to you at all then adopting the method can and will improve this good relationship as you and your dog will be singing the same song.

For Owners/Carers who are experiencing behavioural problems with their dog, once again this method will provide you with a full understanding of why this is happening and above all how to resolve the issue.

I am using some of your techniques and have seen improvements but my dog still….. 

Amichien® Bonding is a holistic approach that will always bring about improvements in behavioural problems but it is based on the dog’s motivations and instincts and if you “cherry pick” certain parts of it and dismiss others, your dog will just be confused. You have to address all four major areas of its needs to ease the burden on your dog and remove behavioural symptoms of stress. 

Why don’t you do consultations over the phone or online?   

A.  To provide the quality of service that all dog owner deserve it is essential that the Consultant meets all those involved in the life of the dog, see the relationship between them, learns of their home circumstances and the layout of their home. This information is essential to assist both the owner and the Consultant with the long term success for the owner when using the free lifetime ‘back up’ service. It would be irresponsible of us to attempt to diagnose a problem based simply on our interpretation of what we are told as sometimes a dog owner will miss important signs that a Dog Listener will spot immediately.   

I have read the book and I’m doing the method but I am still having problems with my dog, what can I do now?  

A.   If you are certain that you are including each of the four core areas that make up ‘Amichien® Bonding’ and are still no table to convince your dog that it really can give up the role of leader then we suggest that you enlist the professional assistance of one of our recommended Dog Listeners. They will come to your home and look in detail at what you are doing and make their recommendations to bring about the desired changes.  You will also know that part of their service will involve a lifetime ‘back-up’ service, making it possible for you to take each step to success with total confidence.    

 My dog is perfect in every way but……?   

A.  Happily, all dogs are perfect and bring so much joy and love to our lives. However if you have a challenge with their behaviour be confident that you can, with ‘Amichien® Bonding’ resolve the issue and create the relationship that you both deserve.  

How do I become a Dog Listener?   

A. To become a Jan Fennell Dog Listener you must complete the two day Foundation Course and the three day Advanced Course (this can be at a later time).  At the end of these courses there is an exam which has to be passed before proceeding to an on-line Graduate Course. Full details can be found on our “How to become a Dog Listener” Page.   

What qualifications do Jan Fennell Dog Listeners hold?  

A. All of our Dog Listeners have attended all of our educational courses and have met the rigorous standards required. That in itself is not enough though, our Dog Listeners allow us to continually monitor their work and assure they maintain the highest standard of service that we expect, by doing this they may use our Quality Assurance mark. As far as we know, no other “Dog Training” organisation in the world offers this assurance of quality for the service that their members deliver. 

I have other qualifications in Dog Behaviour and think I should really start with the Advanced Course?

A. ‘Amichien® Bonding’ is radically different to any other method of working with dogs and for this reason it is essential that delegates wanting to pursue a career with this organisation, to attend both courses to fully assimilate and understand the method  to ensure that when dealing with other people’s dogs they impart the correct information only. For those people who do not wish to become a Jan Fennell Approved Dog Listener but merely want the information for their own satisfaction, it is possible to attend only the advanced course.   

What is the difference between the qualified Dog Listener gradings?   

A. The Grading of Jan Fennell Dog Listeners demonstrates the progression and experience levels obtained by any one individual.    

What are the benefits of being part of the Quality Control?  

A. The Quality Control was created to safeguard all dog owners who put their trust in the abilities of Jan Fennell Dog Listeners and provides the Dog Listeners with the support of this organisation.  

Why can’t I bring my dog with me on a Course?  

A. ‘Amichien® Bonding’ provides the delegate with the knowledge to understand the language of the dog and is not a dog training method.  Dogs already know this communication system without being tutored by us!  In addition, during the courses it is necessary to show footage of dogs, wolves, coyotes etc to illustrate certain points and the sounds that they make would cause confusion and fear to any dog in the room, which would be against all that we stand for.     

What is the pass rate of the Advanced Course?   

A. As the courses are carefully designed to ensure that all the essential knowledge is presented in a way the students can understand and retain, the pass mark is currently over 85%.   

What happens if I do not meet the required standard, but really wish to pursue Dog Listening as a career?

A. As our first responsibility is to dogs and their owners who put their trust in this process we can only take forward those who pass the exam and meet the standards expected. 

Will there be any practical demonstrations on the day of a Course?  

A. The Foundation Course is designed to enable the delegate to live and work with their own dog (s) in a calm and positive manner all from the comfort of their own home.  The Advanced Course takes the whole process further enabling the delegate to successful assist other dog owners to resolve behavioural issues that they are experiencing.

Once the delegate has seen the radically difference approach it becomes obvious that it would be impossible to practise on any dogs belonging to the Course tutors, as the tutor’s dogs do not display any undesirable behaviour and the delegate will realise that dogs who do need help are best worked with in their own home environment.  

Are Jan Fennell Approved Dog Listeners Franchised?

A. This organisation rejects the idea of a franchise, and membership to the group is not based on payment made to us but purely on an individual’s ability and the standard of service they deliver to their clients.

 If I become a Dog Listener can I use your logo? If so, how and where can I use it?  

A. The logo can be used once a student obtains ‘Approved’ status and above.   

Can I use the word Amichien®? If so, how do I show it as it is a registered trademark?   

A. The word Amichien® cannot be used alone but must read ‘Amichien® Bonding’, as created by Jan Fennell ‘The Dog Listener’. The “Angel Dog” logo is also trademarked and cannot be used without the express consent of this organisation.   

Would it be beneficial to have a page about Amichien® Bonding (The Method) on my website? 

A. On reaching Approved status a Dog Listener may show a page on their own website describing Amichien® Bonding, as long as copyright is displayed.   

Is there a standard look/format/layout you would like JF Dog Listeners to use when building their websites?   

A. We encourage our colleagues to choose a site to suit themselves, we only ask that spellings and grammar are checked thoroughly, as first impressions count.    

Can I sell your books and products on my website?  

A. Yes and you can obtain these at discount for bulk purchase, especially products that are available from JFIDL only.