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One to One Consultation

Amichien® Bonding is radically different to traditional dog training and starts with a qualified Dog Listener visiting you and your dog at your home. This is for two reasons: 

  • Firstly, you and your dog will both act naturally in your own surroundings. 
  • Secondly (and more importantly) you will be able to see exactly what we do so there is no mystery or trickery to the method.

The call will last between 2-3 hours, during which time you will learn why the dog
is behaving as it is, and what it is actually thinking.

Once you understand your dog, we then give you simple actions to perform when
in contact with your dog, enabling you to communicate and show it that the undesirable behaviour is no longer necessary. The dog will stop the behaviour 
OF ITS OWN FREE WILL and this is nearly always evident in the time we are with you.

Amichien® Bonding is an on-going process, giving you and your dog time to learn with the knowledge that we are always there for you if you need us.

After this consultation, our International Dog Listeners will be just a phone call away should you have any further questions, need some extra advice or simply some reassurance. This aftercare service is free of charge and available for as 
long as you need it: days, weeks or months after the consultation.

To request a one to one consultation click here to search for your nearest Dog Listener, or alternatively send us an email at info@janfennellthedoglistener.com  and we will put you in touch with your nearest recommended dog listener. One to one consultation costs vary depending on the individual dog listener. The service provided is the same throughout the world.

Due to Jan's very heavy work load we are not taking any more bookings for consultations by Jan herself at the current time although Tony will still be available for consultations in a number of areas.

Only dog listeners named on this website are qualified, recommended and recognised by this organisation.

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