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Living With a Nervous Dog- eBook

  • -What makes your dog nervous?
  • -Are certain breeds more nervous than others?
  • -Can you 'train' nervousness out of a dog?
  • -Is a nervous dog submissive?

In this new eBook, Jan answers all these questions. There are no outrageous claims here or recommendations about which brand of which magic wand you need to wave at your dog but a frank explanation on the most common cause of nervousness and what you can, and what you can't do about it.
If your dog is a very nervous dog, you will not change its character by 'training' or by the canine version of 'Aversion Therapy', any more than you change a nervous person into a stage performer overnight-but you can alleviate most of the unnecessary stress it feels every day and really make a positive difference to the way it sees the world and consequently, its quality of life.
Most owners are dismayed to find that they are the indirect cause of most of the stress their dogs feel and that their dog is probably suffering unnecessarily. However, by using the methods here, you will make a real difference. Some dogs will lose any and all signs of nerves and others will have the symptoms greatly reduced, significantly improving their lives. 
If you want to know what you are doing wrong and what you can do about it, this is the book for you.
As with all our eBooks, this book is accompanied by the audio version of 'The Four' in which Jan explains how to address the four fundamental areas of your dog's life so you can develop the very best relationship you could possibly have with your dog.

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