What Does “Living in The Now” Mean?

I, like many people, have looked at the work of those who seek to inspire us to achieve all that we can,  believe that we can make things happen and succeed, even in many areas that are out of our comfort zone or current experience.

Pulling On Lead/Leash-Podcast

Pulling on the lead, or leash, is something a very large number of dog owners experience, many will just accept that it is an inevitable part of owning a dog, grit their teeth and continue to engage in the habitual “Tug-of-War” that going for a walk means to them. Going for a walk is not a pleasure but becomes an unpleasant chore that must be endured.

The Wagging Tail

During one of our recent ‘Foundation Courses’ the question about the significance of a dog wagging its tail came up again, a signal which can often be misunderstood.

Dog Breeds and Behaviour

Following some recent queries, I want to clarify the myth of different breeds when it comes to behaviour, as misunderstanding will always lead to more problems.