Why do dogs cry when their owners come home? Researchers in Japan asked this question and went on to test 22 dogs who produced tears when their owners returned home after they had been separated for various lengths of time. The researchers concluded that the reason dogs become so hysterical is to produce the tears that form a bond with their human companions. This “study” actually made me laugh out loud as, 22 dogs is nowhere near a large enough sample of the canine world to produce a scientific, accurate and reliable result. The study is also based on the understanding that all dogs are hysterical when their human companions return home; that is simply not the case.
I know what I am going to say here will anger some people but I will always say what I believe to be in the best interests of dogs everywhere.
Oct 26, 2023 There are a lot of people out there who use this phrase to lend credibility to their claims (see any cosmetic advertisement). If you see this phrase, relating to dogs, make sure the author cites these studies, and who conducted them. Chance are you will see that most of them involve watching domestic dogs in a controlled environment, which cannot possibly give a reliable result that will apply to all dogs.
Despite the persistent myth, dogs do not age 1 year for every 7 human years. This mistake often leads to us completely misunderstanding what stage of development our dogs are actually at, and what we can expect of them.