A Dog Will Test Your Leadership Credentials Many Times Every Day. As we know, all social living species have to accept that there will be members at the top of the group, while others will be at the bottom, with the majority of the community at different levels somewhere between the two, and just as this applies to us, it is also true for our dogs.
Are Dogs Suffering From Mental Distress? This was the subject of a BBC Radio 2 feature this month and I am sad to say that certainly, most dogs do spend most of their life with unnecessary stress and anxiety; why would we do this to our best friends?
The Nonsense of ‘Resource Guarding’. Just as with all aspects of dog behaviour, there are ‘trainers’ the world over who are making money, based on their own limited understanding of the dog’s world, giving classes and courses, based on specific but irrelevant, individual ‘behavioural problems’.
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