Jan Fennell The Dog Listener

Jan Fennell is the original Dog Listener and her method of Amichien Bonding has a reputation for being extremely, and consistently effective.

However, Jan is not just a “dog trainer” instead, for over thirty years, Jan has successfully taught owners and carers how to understand and communicate with their dogs, so they can effect behavioural changes themselves, with any dogs they may have, now, or in the future.

When the owner/carer has this essential information, they are then able to permanently resolve any undesirable behaviours that their dogs may have developed. And for those starting life with a puppy or rescue dog, her method again ensures that every owner/carer will understand how to ensure that no bad, or undesirable behaviours ever begin.

Jan teaches dog owners, not dogs, because dogs already know what Jan is trying to teach their carers; how to best communicate with them.

For anyone experiencing behavioural problems with their dogs, and for people who want to avoid all undesirable behaviours starting, know you can achieve your aims by adopting the work of the original Dog Listener, and creator of Amichien® Bonding, Jan Fennell.

“I will help you bring both peace and harmony back to your home, and life.”

Sincerely, Janwi

The Dog Listener

TDL Read by Jan Fennell
Still in Print after 23 years! The original book, showing Jan’s journey towards a kinder, more effective way of working with dogs. Also available in audio format from our shop.


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Jan Fennell Foundation Course in Amichien Bonding.
Find out how to "talk" to your dog.
The Advanced Course in Amichien Bonding. For those who wish to take their learning to a higher level.
The Graduate Course. Designed specifically for Students who wish to become Dog Listeners themselves.
Online Workshop

We also have an online course available, for those who would prefer to learn in a more relaxed manner.

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This lady and her family r fantastic. My two German shepherd/border collie dogs were very grateful I know that I took time out to read and get the DVD by jan and learned how to look after them and understand them properly. Professional people don’t behave with reviews of this kind therefore I would advise anyone coming across a person like this to give a very wide berth. You cannot beat jan fennell for her experience, knowledge, honesty and caring x Jacqueline

- Jacqueline

We took on a rehoming dog that we discovered had had no training whatsoever, had not been walked ever (he was 3 when we got him), and so many behavioural problems we were having no end of visits from the dog warden. We had got other dog ‘behaviourists’ whose techniques were shock and aggressive and didn’t work. I felt cruel using them. I then say Jan’s book and read it on holiday. It was a complete light bulb x hallelujah moment. We instantly started implementing the techniques and suddenly this hyperactive and nervous aggressive dog calmed completely down. He walked pretty much to heel, sat for his lead to be put on, etc. We only had 2 issues left when he died at 13. He was still territorial but much better than before and he hated being alone so we got another dog. They accepted each other and we were pack. I think if we hadn’t of read Jan’s book we would have been forced to have put him down but instead had a loyal and loving dog. Tanya

- Tanya

Many years ago, my Australian Cattledog was one of Jan’s ‘guinea pigs’ she was very intelligent and quick to learn. She wouldn’t socialise with dogs or people, and would bite anyone who came to the house if she got there first! Using AB she changed into a dog who, although still not prepared to be friendly, happily accepted that I was the one who decided what happened around the house and when we were out and about, making both our lives easier and stress free. When we lost her at 17 years old, we got another Cattledog who is now 3 years old, he has been brought up using AB from the beginning, and is a lovely well balanced dog. A joy to live with. Wendy

- Wendy

Dog listening has changed my relationships with the dogs I’ve had since discovering Jan’s Amichien methods. Like she said we got the dog out of the wolf but you cannot take the wolf out of the dog! My dogs have been contented secure non-aggressive happy and puppy-like ‘til their last! I’ve passed on the good news along with the book to other dog’s humans and they have all benefited. Thanks Jan – wish all dog lover’s would take it on board! Lell

- Lell

I wish I knew those techniques when I was struggling with my previous dogs 20 years ago…Thanks Jan! Nataliya

- Nataliya

Jan’s methods work and the dogs understand and I thank her from the bottom of my heart. Jan totally understands dogs and dogs totally understand Jan. It’s a way of life x Anne.

- Anne

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